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Loch Croispol offers sheltered fishing from either boat or bank. This is a small loch, less than 700m long covering 11.55 ha (28.5 acres) and lying at an elevation of only 14m above sea level. Of the 4 lochs, this contains the smallest fish, but still averaging a respectable 1 lb. Loch Croispol is close to the sea, situated below the Balnakeil craft village. It offers free-rising smaller fish of between half and three quarters of a pound. This is a good place for beginners and in a beautiful setting. Boat fishing is definitely best. This loch is approached from the road leading to Balnakeil Bay. The water is very clear and the weed on the bottom can be clearly seen from a boat with the bolt holes of the trout dotted here and there. It is a very demanding loch to fish. Croispol is the most prolific of the 4 Durness limestone lochs.

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