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Loch Borralaidh is a crystal clear limestone loch with lots of wild flowers and wildlife to see. Boat and bank fishing available for brown trout and Artic char. Loch Borralaidh is The largest of the 4 lochs, at just under a mile long with a surface area of approximately 39.24 ha (97 acres). The loch lies at an altitude of 17m, and there is a large island in the middle of the loch separated from the East bank by a narrow channel. Loch Borralaidh is 250 yards from the back of the Cape Wrath hotel with steep shelves down to 150 feet. It contains huge ferox trout and char in its depths which are rarely caught on the fly. Borralaidh fishes best during the day and in good weather. Trout average about 1 lb and respond to traditional dry fly patterns. Bank fishing is best. Casting from the bank is fairly easy, but the water is usually crystal clear so you have to be wary of scaring any fish lying near the bank. The fish in these lochs are very silvery with lots of black spots, more like sea trout than browns, they also grow very big with a 2lb trout being a small one so fish with a stronger tippet than usual the wild brown trout average  about 1½ lbs.


A selection of pictures was taken by Bill Horsburgh

A selection of pictures form Hamish Chisholm


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